Does The World Really Need Another Blog?


In starting this blog I have considered, for some time, if the world truly needs  another blog.

Especially one about genealogy.

Yet something drives me to go forth and plant my flag on the now hoary internet.

Perhaps I’m just doing this as “cousin-bait”, as some very well known genealogy bloggers encourage.

Still, when I look at the volume of posts I have made over the past two years on other websites I realize that I could fill up my own blog.  And perhaps I should, for here I will feel a bit more free to express some opinions that may not be so popular in certain corners of the genealogy world.

My focus will be on the exploitation of genetics – or better yet, genomics – in the field of family history.  And by family history I do mean “history” – the writing of stories, the end result of historiography.

But, first things first – I have to find some nifty pictures to spruce up the place….

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