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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
2 husband John de beaumont
2 husband John deAAAAbeaumontbeaumontAAAA2 husband John de 0about 1250217779676700yes2221625  -1  MYESYESR
Adele Beaumont
AdeleAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAdele 0 2070414 22101620923281,001 -1  FYESYES 
Adele Mrs De Beaumont
Adele Mrs DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAdele Mrs De 0about 101020901371,007<Of, Hinckley, Leicestershire, England>11yes2133966  -1  FYESYESR
Adeline (Gundrea) De Beaumont
Adeline (Gundrea) DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAdeline (Gundrea) De 0about 11522142001865Of, Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England11yes2185831  -1  FYESYES 
Adeliza Or Alice De Beaumont
Adeliza Or Alice DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAdeliza Or Alice De 0about 10352099268982Of, Beaumont, -Sur-Risle, France1616July 11, 109121197319265620645At, Rouen, Seine-Inferieure, France  FYESYES 
Agnes De Beaumont
Agnes DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAgnes De 0about 11722149306845Of, Meulan, Normandy, France00yes2193136  -1  FYESYES 
Agnes De Beaumont
Agnes DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAgnes De 0about 12502177796767Of, Beaumont, Maine, France11May 9, 130121963697165118755  FYESYES 
Agnes Of beaumont
Agnes OfAAAAbeaumontbeaumontAAAAAgnes Of 0about 11402137618877Of, , Warwickshire, England00yes2181448  -1  FYESYES 
Alice Beaumont
AliceAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAlice 0about 11052124835912Of, Hinckley, Leicestershire, England44July 11, 10912119731926-4922, Reims, , France  FYESYES 
Amicade De Beaumont
Amicade DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAmicade De 0about 11122127391905Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2171221  -1  FYESYES 
Aubreye De Beaumont
Aubreye DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAubreye De 0about 10992122644918Of, Beaumont, Normandy, France00yes2166473  -1  FYESYES 
Aubreye De Beaumont [Abbess Of St Le
Aubreye DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAAubreye De 0about 10502104747967Of, Beaumont, Normandy, France00111221273919056222644  FYESYES 
Catalina Beaumont
CatalinaAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAACatalina 0about 1385222710463211yes2270932  -1  FYESYES 
Catherine Beaumont
CatherineAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAACatherine 0about 13102199710707Of, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland22November 11, 136822210276495821499  FYESYES 
Charles Beaumont
CharlesAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAACharles 013612218338656Olite, Navarre, Spain11143222442695857125931  MYESYES 
Constance De Beaumont
Constance DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAConstance De 0about 11672147480850Of, Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England77after 122621690307915921550  FYESYES 
de beaumont
deAAAAbeaumontbeaumontAAAAde 0about 1263218254475411yes2226373  -1  FYESYESR
Eleanor Beaumont
EleanorAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAEleanor 0about 11002123009917Of, , Cheshire, England44yes2166838  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Beaumont Baroness Botreau
ElizabethAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAElizabeth 013892228565628Of, Falkingham, Lincolnshire, England66148822647235299936158Gainsborough  FYESYESR
Elizabeth Beaumont
ElizabethAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAElizabeth 0 2227834 00yes2271662  -1  FYESYESR
Elizabeth Beaumont
ElizabethAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAElizabeth 0 2192406 00yes2236234  -1  FYESYESR
Elizabeth Beaumont
ElizabethAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAElizabeth 0 2236234 00yes2280063  -1  FYESYESR
Elizabeth De Beaumont
Elizabeth DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAElizabeth De 0about 13282206284689Of, , , England00October 27, 140022326996177226597Hulton Abbey, Burslem, Staffordshire, England  FYESYES 
Ermengarde De Beaumont [Queen Of Scotla
Ermengarde DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAErmengarde De 0about 11652146750852Of, , , Scotland55February 4, 123321714397846824871, , , Scotland  FYESYES 
Geoffrey De Beaumont
Geoffrey DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAGeoffrey De 0about 11462139810871Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2183640  -1  MYESYES 
Geoffrey De Beaumont
Geoffrey DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAGeoffrey De 0about 11612145289856Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2189119  -1  MYESYES 
Gervace De Beaumont
Gervace DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAGervace De 0about 11382136888879Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2180718  -1  MYESYES 
Guibert Beaumont Lord Lord
GuibertAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAGuibert 0 0 11yes0  -1  MYESYESR
Havoise De Beaumont
Havoise DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHavoise De 0about 11102126661907Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2170491  -1  FYESYES 
Hawise De Beaumont
Hawise DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHawise De 0about 11642146384853Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2190214  -1  FYESYES 
Hawise De Beaumont
Hawise DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHawise De 0about 11602144923857Of, , , England00April 24, 119721583698203713628  FYESYES 
Henry Beaumont
HenryAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHenry 0about 1435224536558200yes2289194  -1  MYESYESR
Henry Beaumont
HenryAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHenry 0about 12852190580732Of, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland66March 10, 133922101886785419790  MYESYES 
Henry Beaumont
HenryAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHenry 0about 11452139445872Of, , Warwickshire, England00yes2183275  -1  MYESYES 
Henry Beaumont Baron Beaumont Baron Beaumont
HenryAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHenry 013402210667677Of, Falkingham, Lincolnshire, England00June 17, 136922212456482910760, Sempringham, Lincolnshire, England  MYESYES 
Henry De Beaumont
Henry DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHenry De 0about 11482140540869Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2184370  -1  MYESYES 
Henry De Beaumont [Earl Of Warwick
Henry DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHenry De 0about 10452102921972Of, Neubourg, Manche, France1010about June 20, 111921299368987427197Ponteaudemer, Normandy, , France  MYESYES 
Hugh De Beaumont [Earl Of Bedford
Hugh DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAHugh De 0about 11062125200911Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2169030  -1Leicester, Leicester, England, Great Britain  MYESYES 
Isabel Beaumont
IsabelAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAIsabel 0about 12472176700770England00yes2220529  -1  FYESYESR
Isabel (Elizabeth) De Beaumont
Isabel (Elizabeth) DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAIsabel (Elizabeth) De 0about 10862117896931Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England1414about 114721401758706122279Monmouth, England  FYESYES 
Isabel Or Elizabeth Beaumont
Isabel Or ElizabethAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAIsabel Or Elizabeth 0about 11212130679896Of, , Leicestershire, England44after May 118821551048296724592Northamptonshire, England  FYESYES 
Isabella van Beaumont
Isabella vanAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAIsabella van 0about 13102199710707Of Loughborough, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England33March 24, 135622164126614616884  FYESYES 
Ivo De Beaumont
Ivo DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAIvo De 0about 101020901371,007<Of, Hinckley, Leicestershire, England>22105921080349584917897  MYESYESR
Ivo IV Beaumont
Ivo IVAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAIvo IV 0about 1052210547796511about 108321168009343111323  MYESYES 
Joan De Beaumont
Joan DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJoan De 0about 13212203728696Of, Heleigh Castle, Staffordshire, England00yes2247557  -1  FYESYES 
John Beaumont [Viscount Beaumo
JohnAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJohn 0about 14002232582617of Durham, England00yes2276410  -1  MYESYESR
John Beaumont
JohnAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJohn 0about 1390222893062700yes2272758  -1  MYESYESR
John Beaumont Sir Sir
JohnAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJohn 0about 14272242443590Cole Overton, Leicestershire, England00March 29, 146122547675563412506Battle Of, Towton, Yorkshire, England  MYESYESR
John Beaumont
JohnAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJohn 0about 13412211033676Of England00yes2254862  -1  MYESYES 
John De Beaumont
John DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJohn De 0about 11442139079873Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2182909  -1  MYESYES 
John De Beaumont Baron Beaumont
John DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAJohn De 013182202632699Of, Bortant, Lincolnshire, England22after May 10, 13422211345675248895  MYESYES 
Karel van Beaumont
Karel vanAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAKarel van 01361221833865600143222442695857125931  MYESYES 
Lade (Elizabeth) De Beaumont
Lade (Elizabeth) DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAALade (Elizabeth) De 0about 11402137618877Of, Leicester, Leicester, England00yes2181448  -1  FYESYES 
Mabel (Mabirie) De Beaumont
Mabel (Mabirie) DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMabel (Mabirie) De 0about 11682147845849Of, Meulan, Normandy, France44after May 1, 120421609338133613270Okehampton, Devonshire, England, Great Britain  FYESYES 
Mabel De Beaumont
Mabel DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMabel De 0about 11622145654855Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2189484  -1  FYESYES 
Margaret De Beaumont
Margaret DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMargaret De 011252132140892Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England33after 118521540558326021915  FYESYES 
Margaretha van Beaumont
Margaretha vanAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMargaretha van 0 2183640 00yes2227469  -1  FYESYES 
Margery beaumont
MargeryAAAAbeaumontbeaumontAAAAMargery 0 2162090 00yes2205919  -1  FYESYES 
Mrs. Mary Mrs De Beaumont
Mary Mrs DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMary Mrs De 0about 1142213834987500yes2182179  -1  FYESYESR
Maud Beaumont
MaudAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMaud 013562216511661Sherrill, Devonshire, England, Great Britain33July 3, 1467225705455011140725  FYESYES 
Maud De Beaumont
Maud DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMaud De 0about 11142128122903Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England00yes2171952  -1  FYESYES 
Miss Beaumont
MissAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMiss 0about 100620886761,011Of Beaumont-Sur-, Oise, Normandy, France00yes2132505  -1  FYESYES 
Miss De Beaumont
Miss DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMiss De 0about 11042124469913<, Leicester, Leicestershire, England>00yes2168299  -1  FYESYES 
Miss. Mrs. Judith Beaumont
Mrs. JudithAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAMrs. Judith 0about 100820894061,009Of Beaumont-Sur-, Oise, Normandy, France11yes2133235  -1  FYESYESR
Piers De Beaumont
Piers DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAPiers De 0about 11682147845849Of, Meulan, Normandy, France00October 120321607358143513057  MYESYES 
Richard Viscount Of Beaumont
Richard Viscount OfAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARichard Viscount Of 0about 11202130313897Of, , , France00120021595338178029220  MYESYES 
Robert Beaumont
RobertAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARobert 0about 10202093789997Of, , Beaumont, France00before 106621105919514616802Sp  MYESYES 
Robert "Bossu" De Beaumont [Earl Of Leicest
Robert "Bossu" DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARobert "Bossu" De 011042124469913, Leicester, Leicestershire, England1515April 5, 116821477588496423471, , , England  MYESYES 
Robert De Beaumont [Count Of Meulan
Robert DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARobert De 0about 10462103286971Pont-Audemer, Beaumont, Normandy, France1111June 5, 111821295568997226452, , Leicestershire, England  MYESYES 
Robert De Beaumont
Robert DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARobert De 0about 11722149306845Of, Meulan, Normandy, France00yes2193136  -1  MYESYES 
Roger De Beaumont
Roger DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARoger De 0about 11282133235889Of, Leicester, Leicester, England00yes2177065  -1  MYESYES 
Roger De Beaumont
Roger DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARoger De 0about 10222094520995Of, Pont Audemer, Normandy, France44109421208189237226298Preaux, Normandy, France  MYESYES 
Roger De Beaumont [Earl Of Warwick
Roger DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARoger De 011022123739915Warwick, Warwickshire, England66June 12, 115321423478645118790, , Warwickshire, England  MYESYES 
Roger I de Beaumont Seigneur Seigneur
Roger I deAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARoger I de 0before 1030209744298711yes2141271  -1  MYESYESR
Roscelin De Beaumont Viscount Du Main
Roscelin DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARoscelin De 0about 10942120818923Of, , , France44yes2164647  -1  MYESYESR
Rudolf de Beaumont
Rudolf deAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAARudolf de 0about 1020209378999700yes2137618  -1  MYESYESR
Thomas Beaumont
ThomasAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAThomas 0131522015367020f. Beaumont, Warwickshire, England00yes2245365  -1  MYESYES 
Waleran Beaumont
WaleranAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAWaleran 0about 99020828331,027Of Mellent, Normandy, France22106921116879487928854Meulan, Ille de, France  MYESYES 
Waleran beaumont 4 E of Warwick 4 E of Warwick
WaleranAAAAbeaumontbeaumontAAAAWaleran 0about 11422138349875Of, Warwick, Warwickshire, England22before October 13, 120421610988136222931, , , England  MYESYES 
William Beaumont 1 husband, Viscount 1 husband, Viscount
WilliamAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAWilliam 0about 1430224353958700yes2287368  -1  MYESYESR
William De Beaumont
William DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAWilliam De 0about 11422138349875Of, Hambleton, Buckinghamshire, England00yes2182179  -1  MYESYES 
William De Beaumont
William DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAWilliam De 0about 10472103651970Of, Neubourg, Manche, France00yes2147480  -1  MYESYES 
William De Beaumont
William DeAAAABeaumontBeaumontAAAAWilliam De 0about 11242131774893, , , France00yes2175604  -1  MYESYES 
William Of beaumont 3 Earl of warwick 3 Earl of warwick
William OfAAAAbeaumontbeaumontAAAAWilliam Of 0about 11382136888879Of, , Warwickshire, England00November 15, 118421538268334617120  MYESYES