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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Agnes Countess Of Honstein
Agnes Countess OfAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAAgnes Countess Of 0about 14102236234607Of Klettenberg, Schsn, Prss33yes2280063  -1  FYESYES 
Agnes Countess Of Honstein
Agnes Countess OfAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAAgnes Countess Of 0about 14042234042613Of, Kelbra, Sachsen, Prussia11yes2277871  -1  FYESYESR
Agnes van Honstein
Agnes vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAAgnes van 01360221797265700September 1, 140422341046134416314  FYESYES 
Agnes, Countess Of Honstein
AgnesAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAAgnes 0about 14692257784548Of Vierraden, Brndnb, Prss00yes2301613  -1  FYESYES 
Anna Countess Of Honstein
Anna Countess OfAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAAnna Countess Of 0about 14802261801537Of, Klettenberg, Schsn, Prussia00yes2305630  -1  FYESYES 
Anna, Countess Of Honstein
AnnaAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAAnna 0about 14062234773611Of Klettenberg, Schsn, Prss00yes2278602  -1  FYESYES 
Bernhard, Count Of Honstein
BernhardAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAABernhard 0about 14722258879545Of Vierraden, Brndnb, Prss0014992268741518279862  MYESYES 
Dietrich II van Honstein
Dietrich II vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAADietrich II van 01254217925776311May 28, 130921993107085520235  MYESYESR
Dietrich III van Honstein
Dietrich III vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAADietrich III van 0about 1290219240672733May 4, 133022069566874014732  MYESYES 
Dietrich V van Honstein
Dietrich V vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAADietrich V van 01310219971070733137822245476396824837  MYESYES 
Dietrich V, Count Honstein
Dietrich VAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAADietrich V 0about 13062198249711Of, Hohnstein, Sachsen, Prussia00137822245476397226298  MYESYESR
Dietrich VI van Honstein
Dietrich VI vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAADietrich VI van 0about 1355221614666200about 139322300266243813880  MYESYES 
Elger, Count Of Honstein
ElgerAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAElger 0about 14682257418549Of, Klettenberg, Schsn, Prussia00yes2301247  -1  MYESYES 
Elger, Count Of Honstein
ElgerAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAElger 0about 14052234408612Of Klettenberg, Schsn, Prss00144322482875743813879  MYESYES 
Elisabeth Countess Of Honstein
Elisabeth Countess OfAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAElisabeth Countess Of 0 2223816 00yes2267645  -1  FYESYESR
Elisabeth van Honstein
Elisabeth vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAElisabeth van 0about 1360221797265700about 140222333126154215340  FYESYES 
Elisabeth, Countess Of Honstein
ElisabethAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAElisabeth 0about 14012232947616Of, Klettenberg, Sachsen, Prussia1010146822574185496724471  FYESYES 
Elisabeth, Countess Of Honstein
ElisabethAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAElisabeth 0 0 00 0  -1  FYESNR
Ernst III Count Honstein
Ernst III CountAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAErnst III Count 0about 14122236964605Of Klettenberg, Schsn, Prss00145422523055634215341  MYESYES 
Ernst, Count Of Honstein
ErnstAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAErnst 0 2241347 00yes2285176  -1  MYESYESR
Heinrich X, Count Honstein
Heinrich XAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAHeinrich X 0about 13712221990646Of Klettenberg, Sachsen, Prussia00142822428085895720818  MYESYESR
Heinrich, Count Of Honstein
HeinrichAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAHeinrich 0about 14662256688551Of, Klettenberg, Schsn, Prussia00yes2300517  -1  MYESYES 
Hermann, Count Of Honstein
HermannAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAHermann 0about 14032233677614Of Klettenberg, Schsn, Prss0014282242808589259131  MYESYES 
Johann II, Count Honstein
Johann IIAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAJohann II 0about 14202239886597Of Kelbra, Sachsen, Prussia44November 30, 149622677975207628093  MYESYESR
Johann, Count Of Honstein
JohannAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAJohann 0about 14762260340541Of, Klettenberg, Schsn, Prussia00151422742195033813879  MYESYES 
Katharine Countess Of Honstein
Katharine Countess OfAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAKatharine Countess Of 0 0 00 0  -1  FYESNR
Magdalene, Countess Of Honstein
MagdaleneAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAMagdalene 0about 14802261801537Of, Lohra, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia55June 28, 15042270563513248944Sondershausen, S-Sndr, Thuringia  FYESYES 
Magdalene, Countess Of Honstein
MagdaleneAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAMagdalene 0 2386349 00yes2430178  -1  FYESY100R
Margarethe, Countess Of Honstein
MargaretheAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAMargarethe 0about 14762260340541Of Vierraden, Brndnb, Prss11150822720275093211687  FYESYES 
Margarethe, Countess Of Honstein
MargaretheAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAMargarethe 0about 14082235503609Of Segeberg, Schleswig-Holste, Prussia00149622676455218832142  FYESYES 
Mechtild, Countess Of Honstein
MechtildAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAMechtild 0about 14142237695603Of Klettenberg, Sachsen, Prussia00about 14362245730581228035  FYESYES 
Nn van Honstein
Nn vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAANn van 0about 1320220336269700about 13462212859671269497  FYESYES 
Otto, Count Of Honstein
OttoAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAOtto 0about 14042234042613Of Klettenberg, Schsn, Prss0014282242808589248766  MYESYES 
Sofie Countess Of Honstein
Sofie Countess OfAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAASofie Countess Of 0 2236964 00yes2280793  -1  FYESYESR
Sofie, Countess Of Honstein
SofieAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAASofie 0 2235869 00yes2279698  -1  MYESYESR
Ulrich III, Count Honstein
Ulrich IIIAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAUlrich III 0about 13222204093695Of Hohnstein, Sachsen, Prussia00before 141422376956039233602  MYESYESR
Ulrich van Honstein
Ulrich vanAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAUlrich van 0about 1325220518969200about 141022362346078531045  MYESYES 
Wilhelm, Count Of Honstein
WilhelmAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAWilhelm 0about 14722258879545Of, Klettenberg, Schsn, Prussia00154122840814766925202  MYESYES 
Wilhelm, Count Of Honstein
WilhelmAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAWilhelm 0 2284081 00yes2327911  -1  MYESYESR
Wolfgang, Count Of Honstein
WolfgangAAAAHonsteinHonsteinAAAAWolfgang 0about 14802261801537Of Vierraden, Brandenburg, Prussia00153522818894825520088  MYESYES