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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Alice Lord
AliceAAAALordLordAAAAAlice 015912302343427Of Towcester, Northampton, Eng., England00yes2346172  -1  FYESYES 
Amy (Aymie, Ayme) Lord
Amy (AymieAAAALordLordAAAAAmy (Aymie 0November 30, 16262315278391Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain00January 8, 169123386933276423415., Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut  FYESYES 
Ann Or Anna Lord
Ann Or AnnaAAAALordLordAAAAAnn Or Anna 0September 18, 16142310822403Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain00September 4, 168823378373297327015., Stonington, New London, Connecticut  FYESYES 
Benjamin Lord
BenjaminAAAALordLordAAAABenjamin 0about 16582326815360Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00yes2370644  -1  MYESYES 
Benjamin Lord
BenjaminAAAALordLordAAAABenjamin 0March 30, 16662329643352Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass00November 29, 171323470533044717410Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct  MYESYES 
Daniel Lord
DanielAAAALordLordAAAADaniel 0about 16602327545358Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00yes2371374  -1  MYESYES 
Daniel Lord
DanielAAAALordLordAAAADaniel 0about 16682330467350Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00after 175423618782648631411Prob., Saybrook, Ct  MYESYES 
Dorothy Lord
DorothyAAAALordLordAAAADorothy 0July 1, 16292316222388Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain00January 3, 165723262703612710048Northampton, Hampshire, Ma  FYESYES 
Dorothy Lord
DorothyAAAALordLordAAAADorothy 0about 16742332659344Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00October 12, 170523440833123111606Prob., Guilford, Ct  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Lord
ElizabethAAAALordLordAAAAElizabeth 015832299421435Towchester, Northampton, Eng00166723301023518430681  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Lord
ElizabethAAAALordLordAAAAElizabeth 0about 16762333389342Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00October 28, 173623554222816022215  FYESYES 
Ellen Lord
EllenAAAALordLordAAAAEllen 015892301613429Towcester, Essex, Eng, England00yes2345442  -1  FYESYES 
Ensign James Lord
Ensign JamesAAAALordLordAAAAEnsign James 0April 2, 16682330377350Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00February 10, 173023529702886122593Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct  MYESYES 
Hannah Lord
HannahAAAALordLordAAAAHannah 016702331198348Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct77after 172723520162915720818  FYESYES 
Irene Lord
IreneAAAALordLordAAAAIrene 0November 30, 16262315278391., Towcester, Northampton, Massachusetts00January 8, 169023383283286323050Hartford, Hartford, Conn  FYESYES 
James Lord
JamesAAAALordLordAAAAJames 0about 16622328276356Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00yes2372105  -1  MYESYES 
John Lord
JohnAAAALordLordAAAAJohn 0September 16532325064364Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00November 25, 168923382843283613234Lyme, Middlesex, Ct  MYESYES 
John Lord
JohnAAAALordLordAAAAJohn 0January 21, 16242314234394Of, Towchester, Northampton, England00169123388683276624452., , Stafford, Virginia  MYESYES 
Joseph Lord
JosephAAAALordLordAAAAJoseph 0September 16552325794362Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00November 25, 168723375533303211773Lyme, Ct, (unm.)  MYESYES 
Mary Lord
MaryAAAALordLordAAAAMary 0May 6, 16492323471369Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut00September 14, 173623553782818731907East Haddam, Middlesex, Ct.  FYESYES 
Mrs. Lord
Mrs.AAAALordLordAAAAMrs. 0about 15352281889483Of Towcester, Northampton, England22yes2325719  -1  FYESYESR
Mrs. Jeane Lord
Mrs. JeaneAAAALordLordAAAAMrs. Jeane 015592290655459Of Towcester, Northampton, Eng, England44September 22, 161023093654075118892Towcester, Northampton, England  FYESYESR
Richard Lord
RichardAAAALordLordAAAARichard 0May 16, 16472322750371Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00August 20, 172723520652908029315Lyme, New London, Connecticut  MYESYES 
Richard Lord
RichardAAAALordLordAAAARichard 0November 15, 16112309784406Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain00May 17, 166223282303565018446., New London, New London, Connecticut  MYESYES 
Richard Lord
RichardAAAALordLordAAAARichard 015552289194463Of, Towchester, Northam., England44May 30, 161023092504075520238Towcester, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England  MYESYES 
Robert Lord
RobertAAAALordLordAAAARobert 0August 16, 16512324303366Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut00173923563992798731914Fairfield, Fairfield, Ct  MYESYES 
Robert Lord
RobertAAAALordLordAAAARobert 0May 12, 16242314346394Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain00July 13, 167823341313395419785., Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts  MYESYES 
Samuel Lord
SamuelAAAALordLordAAAASamuel 0about 16642329006354Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00yes2372835  -1  MYESYES 
Samuel Lord
SamuelAAAALordLordAAAASamuel 016722331928346Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00October 6, 170123426163162910870Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct  MYESYES 
Sarah Lord
SarahAAAALordLordAAAASarah 016582326815360Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut00before December 2, 174623591092718832476Lyme, Ct  FYESYES 
Susannah Lord
SusannahAAAALordLordAAAASusannah 0about 16802334850338Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass00yes2378679  -1  FYESYES 
Thank Ye The (Thankful) Lord
Thank Ye The (Thankful)AAAALordLordAAAAThank Ye The (Thankful) 0June 30, 16092308916408Towchester, Northamptonshire, England00166623297373525620639Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts  FYESYES 
Thomas Lord
ThomasAAAALordLordAAAAThomas 0December 16452322234372Saybrook, Middlesex, Ct00June 22, 173023531022878430883Lyme, New London, Connecticut  MYESYES 
Thomas Lord
ThomasAAAALordLordAAAAThomas 015852300152433Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain1111May 17, 167823340743409334104., Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut  MYESYES 
Thomas Lord
ThomasAAAALordLordAAAAThomas 0November 15, 16162311611401Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain00October 23, 166123280243564416413., Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut  MYESYES 
William Lord
WilliamAAAALordLordAAAAWilliam 0December 27, 16182312383399Towchester, Northampton, England, Great Britain2020May 17, 167823340743405921691., Lyme, New London, Connecticut  MYESYES 
William Lord
WilliamAAAALordLordAAAAWilliam 0October 16432321442374Saybrook, Middlesex, Massachusetts00December 4, 169623408503215319423Haddam, Middlesex, Ct  MYESYES 
William Lord
WilliamAAAALordLordAAAAWilliam 015572289925461Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire, , England001560229102045831095Yelvertoft, Northampton, Eng  MYESYES 
AAAAAAAALordLordAAAAAAAA 0about 15352281889483, , , England22yes2325719  -1  MYESYESR