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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Agnes Princess Of Thuringia
Agnes Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAAgnes Princess Of 0before 12642182909754Of, Meissen, Dresden, Saxony1515after February 1, 133622090556827226328  FYESYES 
Agnes, Princess Of Thuringia
AgnesAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAAgnes 0 2157707 00yes2201536  -1  FYESYESR
Albrecht "Der Entartete", Thuringia
Albrecht "Der Entartete"AAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAAlbrecht "Der Entartete" 012402174143778Of, , Thuringia66November 20, 131522016777027527716, Erfurt, Sachsen, Prussia  MYESYES 
Anna Princess Of Thuringia
Anna Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAAnna Princess Of 0August 7, 13452212530672Dresden, Drsdn, Sxny00after March 22, 13632218966655176436  FYESYES 
Anna, Princess Of Thuringia
AnnaAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAAnna 013772224182641Of Weissenfels, Schsn, Prss11July 4, 13952230758622186758  FYESYES 
Balthasar, Landgrave Of Thuringia
BalthasarAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABalthasar 0December 21, 13362209379681Weissenfels, Sachsen, Prussia22May 18, 140622347286126925349Wartburg, S-W-Es, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Basin (Bisinus) Thuringia
Basin (Bisinus)AAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABasin (Bisinus) 039018636871,62822yes1907516  -1  MYESYES 
Basin, King Of Thuringia
BasinAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABasin 0 1881219 00yes1925048  -1  MYESYESR
Basina Princess Of Thuringia Queen of France
Basina Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABasina Princess Of 0about 43818812191,580Of, , , Thuringia66after 47018929071,5483211688  FYESYES 
Beatrix Princess Of Thuringia
Beatrix Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABeatrix Princess Of 0September 1, 13392210363678, Wartburg, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia00July 25, 139922322406185921877  FYESYES 
Billung I Thuringia Count Count
Billung IAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABillung I 0about 78020061311,23811yes2049961  -1  MYESYESR
Biogonna Thuringia
BiogonnaAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABiogonna 0 0 11yes0  -1  FYESYESR
Biogonna Thuringia
BiogonnaAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAABiogonna 0 0 11yes0  -1  FYESYESR
Cecilie Thuringia Princess of Thuringia Princess of Thuringia
CecilieAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAACecilie 010982122279920Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia, Thuringia00114121379848774315705Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia, Thuringia  FYESYES 
Clare Princess Of Thuringia
Clare Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAClare Princess Of 0August 7, 13452212530672Dresden, Drsdn, Sxny00yes2256323  -1  FYESYES 
Dietrich (Diezmann) Prince Thuringia
Dietrich (Diezmann) PrinceAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAADietrich (Diezmann) Prince 012602181448758Of Meissen, Dresden, Saxony00December 10, 130721987757104717509  MYESYES 
Elisabeth Princess Of Thuringia
Elisabeth Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAElisabeth Princess Of 013062198249712Wartburg, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia00before November 10, 136722206606506122593Eisenach, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia  FYESYES 
Elisabeth, Princess Of Thuringia
ElisabethAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAElisabeth 0November 22, 13292206793688Wartburg, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia1212April 21, 137522233796434516586Kloster Heilsbro, Mittelfranken, Bavaria  FYESYES 
Frederick Thuringia
FrederickAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFrederick 0 2185101 Of, , Thuringia00yes2228930  -1  MYESYES 
Friedrich "Der Friedfertige", Thuringia
Friedrich "Der Friedfertige"AAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich "Der Friedfertige" 0about 13802225277638Of Weissenfels, Sachsen, Prussia00May 7, 144022471365786022041Weissensee, Sachsen, Prussia  MYESYES 
Friedrich I "Der Thuringia
Friedrich I "DerAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich I "Der 0November 16, 12572180490760Of Meissen, Dresden, Saxony22November 16, 132322045956946624105Wartburg, S-W-Es, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Friedrich I (IV) Thuringia
Friedrich I (IV)AAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich I (IV) 0April 11, 13702221543648Of Dresden, Dresden, Saxony77January 4, 142822426295905721086Altenburg, S-Altn, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Friedrich II "Der Thuringia
Friedrich II "DerAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich II "Der 013102199710708Gotha, S-C-Gt, Thuringia99November 18, 134922140946683914566Wartburg, S-W-Es, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Friedrich III "Der Thuringia
Friedrich III "DerAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich III "Der 0October 14, 13322207850685Dresden, Dresden, Saxony44May 25, 138122256056364817755Furstenkapelle, Altzelle Bei Nos, Dresden, Saxony  MYESYES 
Friedrich, Prince Of Thuringia
FriedrichAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich 0about 13602217972658Of Dresden, Drsdn, Sxny00yes2261801  -1  MYESYES 
Friedrich, Prince Of Thuringia
FriedrichAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAFriedrich 0December 6, 13302207172687Of Wartburg, S-W-Es, Thrn00December 6, 1330220717268700  MYESYES 
Georg, Prince Of Thuringia
GeorgAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAGeorg 013802225277638Of Dresden, Drsdn, Sxny00December 9, 14012233107616218012  MYESYES 
Heinrich "Der Erlauchte" Thuringia [Margrave Of Mei
Heinrich "Der Erlauchte"AAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAHeinrich "Der Erlauchte" 0about 12152165012803Of, Meissen, Dresden, Saxony11before February 8, 128821915317307326701Altzelle Kloster, Dresden, Saxony  MYESYESR
Heinrich, Prince Of Thuringia
HeinrichAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAHeinrich 0March 21, 12562179885762Of Meissen, Dresden, Saxony00yes2223816  -1  MYESYES 
Hermann I, Landgrave Of Thuringia
Hermann IAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAHermann I 0 2142001 00yes2185831  -1  MYESYESR
Hildegard Thuringia Princess of Thuringia Princess of Thuringia
HildegardAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAHildegard 010352099268983Henneberg, Sachsen-Meininge, Thuringia, Thuringia22yes2143097  -1  FYESYES 
Irmgard Princess Of Thuringia
Irmgard Princess OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAIrmgard Princess Of 0 2152594 00yes2196423  -1  FYESYESR
Jutte Thuringia Princess of Thuringia Princess of Thuringia
JutteAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAJutte 011312134331887Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia, Thuringia11September 9, 117421501068434315957Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia, Thuringia  FYESYES 
Jutte, Princess Of, Thuringia
JutteAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAJutte 0 2144923 00yes2188753  -1  FYESYESR
Ludwig "Der Salier" Thuringia
Ludwig "Der Salier"AAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig "Der Salier" 010572107304961Henneberg, Sachsen-Meininge, Thuringia, Thuringia22May 8, 112321313548956624232Henneberg, Sachsen-Meininge, Thuringia, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Ludwig (Mit Dem Barte) I Thuringia Count of Thuringia Count of Thuringia
Ludwig (Mit Dem Barte) IAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig (Mit Dem Barte) I 010272096346991Henneberg, Sachsen-Meininge, Thuringia, Thuringia33June 13, 108021156869375319522Henneberg, Sachsen-Meininge, Thuringia, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Ludwig I, III Thuringia Landgrave (Earl) of Thuringia Landgrave (Earl) of Thuringia
Ludwig IAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig I 010902119357928Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia, Thuringia44January 12, 114021374478785018272Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-E, Thuringia, Thuringia  MYESYES 
Mr. Ludwig II Landgraf Thuringia
Ludwig II LandgrafAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig II Landgraf 0about 11312134331887, , , Thuringia55October 14, 117221494118454115262Neuenburg  MYESYES 
Mr. Ludwig III, Landgrave Thuringia
Ludwig IIIAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig III 011602144923858, , Thuringia, Thuringia00yes2188753  -1  MYESYESR
Ludwig IV "der Heilige" Landgrave Of Thuringia
Ludwig IV "der Heilige" Landgrave OfAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig IV "der Heilige" Landgrave Of 0 2157342 00yes2201171  -1  MYESYESR
Ludwig, Prince Of Thuringia
LudwigAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAALudwig 0February 25, 13412210906677Wartburg, S-W-Es, Thrn00February 17, 138222258736364014967  MYESYES 
Margarethe, Princess Of Thuringia
MargaretheAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAMargarethe 0about 12622182179756Of Meissen, Dresden, Saxony00yes2226008  -1  FYESYES 
Miss. Mechtild, Princess Of Thuringia
MechtildAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAMechtild 0 2137984 00yes2181814  -1  FYESYES 
Sofie, Princess Of Thuringia
SofieAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAASofie 0March 20, 12242168196794Of, Thuringia22May 29, 127521868937425118697Orlamunde, Sachsen-Altenbur, Thuringia, Thuringia  FYESYESR
Weldelphus Thuringia King King
WeldelphusAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAWeldelphus 036518545561,65322yes1898386  -1  MYESYESR
Wilhelm I "Der Thuringia
Wilhelm I "DerAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAWilhelm I "Der 0December 19, 13432211933674, Dresden, Dresden, Saxony00February 10, 140722349966116323063Grimma, Leipzig, Saxony  MYESYES 
Wilhelm II "Der Thuringia
Wilhelm II "DerAAAAThuringiaThuringiaAAAAWilhelm II "Der 0April 23, 13712221920647Of Dresden, Dresden, Saxony00March 30, 142522416195935319699Altenburg, Saxe-Altenburg, Thuringia  MYESYES