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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Agnes Darcy
AgnesAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAAgnes 0about 13792224912640Of, Knayth, Lincolnshire, England00September 29, 143922469155796022185, Knayth, Lincolnshire, England  FYESYES 
Alice Mrs Darcy
Alice MrsAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAAlice Mrs 0 0 00 0  -1  FYESNR
Anne (Elizabeth) Darcy
Anne (Elizabeth)AAAADarcyDarcyAAAAAnne (Elizabeth) 013312207380688<Kilkenny, Kilk, Ire.>22March 24, 138922284656305821267  FYESYES 
Arthur Darcy Knight Knight
ArthurAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAArthur 015162274949503England00yes2318779  -1  MYESYESR
Elba (Elena) (Ellen) Darcy
Elba (Elena) (Ellen)AAAADarcyDarcyAAAAElba (Elena) (Ellen) 0about 13872227834632Of, Knayth, Lincolnshire, England00yes2271662  -1Unmarried  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Darcy
ElizabethAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAElizabeth 0about 13322207745687Of, Platten, Meath, Ireland11March 24, 139022288306295821267  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Darcy
ElizabethAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAElizabeth 013992232217620Templenewsom, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain00February 18, 14122236830607134795  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Darcy
ElizabethAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAElizabeth 014162238425603Holderness, , England, Great Britain11November 146122549985574516741  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Darcy
ElizabethAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAElizabeth 0 2298325 1116402320240379 -1  FYESYESR
George Darcy
GeorgeAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAGeorge 0about 14282242808591Of, Templenewsam, Yorkshire, England00yes2286637  -1Unmarried  MYESYES 
Jane Darcy
JaneAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJane 0about 14302243539589Of, Templenewsam, Yorkshire, England00yes2287368  -1  FYESYES 
John Darcy [Lord Darcy-Mein
JohnAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJohn 014032233677616Of, Torksey, Lincolnshire, England66145822537665615520089  MYESYES 
John Darcy Knight
JohnAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJohn 0about 12482177065771Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England00yes2220894  -1  MYESYES 
John Darcy
JohnAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJohn 0about 14262242078593Of, Templenewsam, Yorkshire, England00yes2285907  -1Unmarried  MYESYES 
John Darcy Sir Sir
JohnAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJohn 013772224182642Knayth, Lincolnshire, England, Great Britain55December 9, 141122367596073412759Templehirst, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain  MYESYES 
John "de Knayth" Darcy Baron Darcy Baron Darcy
John "de Knayth"AAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJohn "de Knayth" 013172202267702Of, Knaith, Lincolnshire, England11March 5, 135622163936633914308, Notton, Yorkshire, England  MYESYES 
John "Le Neveu" Darcy Baron Darcy
John "Le Neveu"AAAADarcyDarcyAAAAJohn "Le Neveu" 012802188753739Of, Knaith, Lincolnshire, England77May 30, 134722131916726724620Gisboroughpriory, , Yorkshire, England  MYESYES 
Margaret Darcy
MargaretAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAMargaret 0September 1, 14182239217600Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain44146922577845505018385  FYESYES 
Margery Darcy
MargeryAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAMargery 014062234773613Templenewsom, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain00February 18, 1412223683060762239  FYESYES 
Matilda (Maud) Darcy
Matilda (Maud)AAAADarcyDarcyAAAAMatilda (Maud) 014012232947618Templenewsom, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain00February 18, 14122236830607114065  FYESYES 
Norman Darcy Lord Of Nocton
NormanAAAADarcyDarcyAAAANorman 012362172682783Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England00before January 6, 129521940557245921555Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England  MYESYES 
Norman Darcy
NormanAAAADarcyDarcyAAAANorman 012822189484737<Of, Oldcotes, Nottinghamshire, England>00yes2233312  -1  MYESYES 
Philip Darcy Baron Darcy
PhilipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhilip 0about 12732186197746Of, Nocton, Nottinghamshire, England00after 132622055546935319357, , Nottinghamshire, England  MYESYES 
Philip Darcy Lord Of Nocton
PhilipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhilip 0about 12132164282806Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England77May 126421828637555118748Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England  MYESYESR
Philip Darcy
PhilipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhilip 0about 12462176335773Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England00yes2220164  -1Sp  MYESYES 
Phillip Darcy
PhillipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhillip 0about 14352245365584Of, Templenewsam, Yorkshire, England00yes2289194  -1Unmarried  MYESYES 
Phillip Darcy Baron Darcy Baron Darcy
PhillipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhillip 0June 13982231835621Holderness, , England, Great Britain22August 12, 14182239197600207376  MYESYES 
Phillip Darcy Baron Darcy Baron Darcy
PhillipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhillip 0May 21, 13522215009667Of, Knayth, Lincolnshire, England66April 24, 139922321486204617139Priory Of Henes, , Lincolnshire, England  MYESYES 
Phillip Darcy
PhillipAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAPhillip 0about 13832226373636Of, Knayth, Lincolnshire, England00yes2270201  -1  MYESYES 
Ralph Darcy
RalphAAAADarcyDarcyAAAARalph 0about 12432175239776Of, Nocton, Lincolnshire, England00after 12572180353762145114  MYESYES 
Richard Darcy
RichardAAAADarcyDarcyAAAARichard 014252241713594Of, Templenewsam, Yorkshire, England00before June 1, 145822537355613312204  MYESYES 
Roger Darcy Knight
RogerAAAADarcyDarcyAAAARoger 0about 12532178892766Of, Oldcotes, Nottinghamshire, England22before May 12, 128421901647353111454Of, , Lincolnshire, England  MYESYES 
Roger Darcy Sir Knight Sir Knight
RogerAAAADarcyDarcyAAAARoger 014702258149549, Suffolk, England, Great Britain00September 30, 150822721185103814151Maldon, Essex, England, Great Britain  MYESYESR
Son Darcy
SonAAAADarcyDarcyAAAASon 0about 13342208476685Of, Knaith, Lincolnshire, England00yes2252305  -1Sp  MYESYES 
Son Darcy
SonAAAADarcyDarcyAAAASon 0about 13362209206683Of, Knaith, Lincolnshire, England00yes2253035  -1Sp  MYESYES 
Son Darcy
SonAAAADarcyDarcyAAAASon 0about 13382209937681Of, Knaith, Lincolnshire, England00yes2253766  -1Sp  MYESYES 
Thomas Darcy Knight
ThomasAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAThomas 012352172317784Of, Scotelthorpe, Lincolnshire, England00129921956937206423376Of, Longscotelthorpe, Lincolnshire, England  MYESYES 
Thomas Darcy
ThomasAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAThomas 0about 14322244269587Of, Templenewsam, Yorkshire, England00yes2288098  -1Unmarried  MYESYES 
Thomas Darcy
ThomasAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAThomas 0about 13812225643638Of, Seamer, Lincolnshire, England00about 141622384256033512782  MYESYES 
Thomas Darcy Baron Darcy Baron Darcy
ThomasAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAThomas 0about 14672257053552Of, Templehirst, Yorkshire, England00June 20, 153922833384807226467Tower Hill, London, Middlesex, England  MYESYESR
sir William Darcy Knight
WilliamAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAWilliam 0about 13302207015689Of, Platten, Meath, Ireland00yes2250844  -1  MYESYES 
William Darcy
WilliamAAAADarcyDarcyAAAAWilliam 0about 13892228565630Of, Knayth, Lincolnshire, England00yes2272393  -1Unmarried  MYESYES