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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Adelaide of Roucy
Adelaide ofAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAAdelaide of 0 2101094 11yes2144923  -1  FYESYESR
Adele Av Roucy
Adele AvAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAAdele Av 0 2087580 1110632109495955 -1  FYESYES 
Adelheid De Roucy
Adelheid DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAAdelheid De 0about 10502104747968, La Sarraz, , Switzerland22yes2148576  -1  FYESYES 
Adelheid van Roucy
Adelheid vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAAdelheid van 0about 101420915981,004Roucy, Aisne, Frankrijk99106821113219505419723  FYESYES 
Adelheid van Roucy
Adelheid vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAAdelheid van 0about 1115212848790311about 116221456548564717167  FYESYES 
Alice (Adela) De Roucy
Alice (Adela) DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAAlice (Adela) De 0about 101420915981,004Of, Roucy, Aisne, France1212106321094959554917897Roucy, Aisne, France, France  FYESYES 
Blanche De Roucy
Blanche DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAABlanche De 0about 13812225643637Of, Roucy, Aisne, France00August 22, 142122403035964014842  FYESYES 
Blanche van Roucy
Blanche vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAABlanche van 0 2226738 0014212240252597 -1  FYESYESR
Bruno de Roucy
Bruno deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAABruno de 0about 95620704141,062of, Roucy, Aisne, France00January 27, 101620921721,0026021940  MYESYES 
Daughter de Roucy
Daughter deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAADaughter de 0after 97020755281,04800yes2119357  -1  FYESYES 
de Roucy
deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAde 0about 94220653011,076of, Roucy, Aisne, France00yes2109130  -1  FYESYES 
Ebalus I van Roucy
Ebalus I vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAEbalus I van 0about 98820821021,030Reims, Marne, Frankrijk22May 11, 103320984869854516566  MYESYES 
Ebles I Av Roucy
Ebles I AvAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAEbles I Av 0 0 11yes0  -1  MYESYES 
Ebles I, Count Roucy
Ebles IAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAEbles I 0about 99420842941,024Of, Roucy, Aisne, France33May 11, 103320984869853914374Roucy, Aisne, France, France  MYESYES 
Ermentrud Av Roucy
Ermentrud AvAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAErmentrud Av 0 2071145 33100520883111,013 -1  FYESYES 
Ermentrude de de Roucy
Ermentrude de deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAErmentrude de de 0about 94520663971,073of, Reims, Marne, France66March 3, 100220870941,0165720879  FYESYES 
Ermentrude de Rheims Roucy
Ermentrude de RheimsAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAErmentrude de Rheims 0before 95820711451,06066100520883111,0134717166  FYESYES 
Ermentrudis van Roucy
Ermentrudis vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAErmentrudis van 0about 95020682231,06877100320875801,0155319357  FYESYES 
Eustatia van Roucy
Eustatia vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAEustatia van 0about 1160214492385811about 121221639168065218993  FYESYES 
Felicie de Roucy
Felicie deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAFelicie de 0before 1062210913095622April 24, 10862117827932248879  FYESYESR
Felicitas Av Roucy
Felicitas AvAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAFelicitas Av 0 2101825 11April 24, 10862117827932 -1  FYESYES 
Gilbert De Roucy
Gilbert DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAGilbert De 0about 95620704141,062Of, Reims, Marne, France44about 98520810071,0332910593Of, Reims, Marne, France  MYESYES 
Giselbert Av Roucy
Giselbert AvAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAGiselbert Av 0 2072606 11yes2116435  -1  MYESYES 
Giselbert I de Roucy Comte Comte
Giselbert I deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAGiselbert I de 0after 94520663971,07311102220945209967728123  MYESYES 
Giselbert I van Roucy
Giselbert I vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAGiselbert I van 095620704141,062Reims, Marne, Frankrijk33April 19, 100020864111,0184416179Reims, Marne, Frankrijk  MYESYES 
Gislebert de Reims Comte De Roucy
Gislebert de Reims Comte DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAGislebert de Reims Comte De 0about 94020645701,078of, Roucy, Aisne, France00April 19, 99120831241,0275118736St-Remi  MYESYES 
Hedwig van Roucy
Hedwig vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAHedwig van 0100220872151,01633about 107021120529486824837  FYESYES 
Hedwige Countess Roucy
Hedwige CountessAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAHedwige Countess 0 0 11yes0  -1  FYESYESR
Hugh Count of Roucy
Hugh Count ofAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAHugh Count of 0about 1075211387894311116021449238588531045  MYESYESR
Hugo Cholet van Roucy
Hugo Cholet vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAHugo Cholet van 0about 1090211935792822about 116021449238587025566  MYESYES 
Hugues de Roucy [Seigneur
Hugues deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAHugues de 0about 13562216511662Of, Roucy, Aisne, France11October 25, 139522308716223914542Braine Abbey, Aisne, France  MYESYESR
Jan II van Roucy
Jan II vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAJan II van 0 2157707 0012512178161767 -1  MYESYESR
Jean III de Roucy
Jean III deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAJean III de 0about 1235217231778300128221894847364717167  MYESYES 
Jean IV de Roucy
Jean IV deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAJean IV de 0 2182179 , , , France0013022196788716 -1  MYESYESR
Johan IV van Roucy
Johan IV vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAJohan IV van 0 2182179 0013022196788716 -1  MYESYESR
John II Roucy Count of R
John IIAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAJohn II 0 2157707 , , , France0012512178161767 -1  MYESYESR
Letgard van Roucy
Letgard vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAALetgard van 0about 99220835631,026Roucy, Aisne, Frankrijk11about 107021120529487828489  MYESYES 
Mable of Roucy
Mable ofAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAMable of 01107212556591100yes2169395  -1  FYESYESR
Mamilia van Roucy
Mamilia vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAMamilia van 0about 1085211753193300about 113021339668884516435  FYESYES 
Marguerite de Roucy
Marguerite deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAMarguerite de 0about 13102199710708Of, Roucy, Aisne, France00yes2243539  -1  FYESYESR
Miss. Mrs-Gilbert De Roucy
Mrs-Gilbert DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAMrs-Gilbert De 0about 96120722411,057Of Reims, Marne, France44yes2116070  -1  FYESYES 
Ragenold de Roucy
Ragenold deAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARagenold de 0about 91020536131,108of, Roucy, Aisne, France44May 10, 96720743791,0515720948St-Remi  MYESYESR
Ragenoldus I Rheims Roucy Comte Comte
Ragenoldus I RheimsAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARagenoldus I Rheims 0before 93020609181,0884497320766241,0454315706  MYESYESR
Reinauld (Ragenold) van Roucy
Reinauld (Ragenold) vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAReinauld (Ragenold) van 0about 92120576311,097Roucy, Aisne, Frankrijk22May 10, 96720743791,0514616930de Saint Remi te Reims, Frankrijk  MYESYESR
Renaud Av Roucy
Renaud AvAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARenaud Av 0 2057265 22yes2101094  -1  MYESYESR
Renaud De Roucy
Renaud DeAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARenaud De 0about 93120612831,087Of, Reims, Marne, France22March 15, 97320765151,0454215414Reims, Marne, France  MYESYES 
Richilde Countess of Roucy
Richilde Countess ofAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARichilde Countess of 01080211570493811yes2159533  -1  FYESYESR
Robert Guiscard van Roucy
Robert Guiscard vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARobert Guiscard van 0about 1125213214089322about 118021522288385520088  MYESYES 
Rudolf van Roucy
Rudolf vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAARudolf van 0about 1155214309786300about 119621580728224114975  MYESYES 
Yvette van Roucy
Yvette vanAAAARoucyRoucyAAAAYvette van 0about 99020828331,02811about 105021047479686021914  FYESYES