Robert MarburyAge: 6114501511

Robert Marbury
Given names
Birth about 1450 37 32
Of Cransby, Northampton, Eng.

Death of a fatherJohn Marbury
about 1460 (Age 10)

Death of a brotherWilliam Marbury
1508 (Age 58)
Of Lowick, Northampton, England

Death after 1511 (Age 61)

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John Marbury
Birth: about 1413Of Cransby, Northampton, England
Death: about 1460
Eleanor (Cotton)
Birth: about 1418Of Cransby, Northampton, England
Marriage:   — Cransby, Northampton, England
elder brother
Thomas Marbury
Birth: about 1448 35 30Of Cransby, Northampton, Eng.
Death: about 1513
3 years
Robert Marbury
Birth: about 1450 37 32Of Cransby, Northampton, Eng.
Death: after 1511
-3 years
elder brother
William Marbury
Birth: about 1446 33 28Of Lowick, Northampton, England
Death: 1508Of Lowick, Northampton, England